Located in the heart of Uptown district Cebu City is El Gecko Restobar. A popular haunt of expats and locals with great international food, the cheapest beer in town, 30 pesos and fantastic people. Multi screen TVs playing music DVDs and very accommodating staff!!

Cebuanos boast of their local cuisine and so they should be. Whether it is tender calamari frittos that simply melt in your mouth, a tasty lechon manok (charcoal grilled chicken), or a grilled tuna belly garnished with calamansi juice, you will be pampered for choice with wide array and assortment of culinary delights on offer.

One should definitely experience some of the sugba or sinugba (barbecue) restaurants or stalls.


Grills, Grills and More Grills

One that comes to mind is Tsibogs (prounouced - Chee boogs). Its  famous delicious, mouth-watering BBQ (to be washed down with lots of ice cold Beers...) will certainly keep you longing for more. Another of the more famous is Larsians on Fuente Osmena – probably not the most hygienic place on earth but the food is great. Neo Neo on Mactan Island (just past the old bridge) is a clean, spacious and fun place to hang-out and enjoy high-quality grilled food. For those who love lechon baboy, (roast pig) most good grills serve it and the above establishments all do.

I Want My Chicks For Free and My MTV...(a royalty cheque would be a bonus)

If you want fancier, more upscale dining, there are a number of modern international restaurants.

For the finest local seafood offerings and a location to die for, head on for the Shangri-La on Mactan. Ponder: A chilled buttery chardonnay, coupled with fresh lobster - devine. Throw in a couple of million stars delightfully twinkling above you, the soft beats of some ultra chic lounge music, the soothing sound of the sea lapping at the rocks below and your partner's glowing smile; divine intervention...

An interesting establishment that has opened in Mactan Island is Vine City Wine Bar and Restaurant. SiRight  on the main highway, 50 metres past Marina Mall heading towards the new bridge. Kind staff serve simple but high quality (pastas, steaks, salads etc.) fare and a reasonable variety of wines. Carefully decorated, this is just what the doctor prescribes; if you wish to chill out after a hectic day.