Bohol Island


Bohol Philippines

A natural playground for the nature lover


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Bohol Philippines is a perfect island, poured-out with natural beauty and a rich history. Solitary and unspoiled ivory-sand beaches surround this oval-shaped province like a ring.

Along its coastline are beautiful little islands that boats some of the best diving sites in Asia, with awesome underwater sceneries and rare marine species.

More recently tourists travel to Bohol to watch dolphins and whales play in their natural habitat.

Bohol flaunts of many picturesque sights and natural wonders - beautiful waterfalls; mystical caves with amazing stalagmite and stalactite formations; picture-perfect hills including the famous Chocolate Hills.

Bohol's lush verdant forests are habitat to exotic flora and fauna, including the world's smallest primate - the Tarsier.

In Bohol, you can find ancestral homes, Jesuit Baroque mission Churches and 16th Century watchtowers, as well as ancient burial grounds showing artifacts that date back to China's Tang dynasty.

Bohol's tourism is expected to grow even further with increase investments in the province's infrastracture.